INFo Update 17 december 2016 TOYOTA IS GOING BACK To WRC With Yaris

Toyota Gazoo Racing team finally launched the Yaris WRC which team will be used for the World Rally Championship starts with Rally Monte-Carlo. Developed over more than one year, Yaris WRC has undergone rigorous testing regimen which included thousands of hours in the workshop and road tests.

"It is an honor for me to present the car to compete in the WRC, with the team and our partners. I would like to thank, and honor, the fans who waited 17 years for this day and all the organizers of the rally, participants and cars that have been maintained and followed up as long as we do not rally sport. Thanks to all of you, we came back here ... both people and cars were trained and strengthened when they are exposed to conditions that exceed the imagination during the competition. Toyota Gazoo Racing 'hate' to lose, and of course we do not want to lose in the WRC, "said Toyota Motor Corporation President Mr. Akio Toyoda.


The Yaris WRC is representative of a new-generation of world rally cars developed to comply with the FIA’s technical regulations for the 2017 season. Equipped with a 1.6-liter direct injection engine, the Yaris WRC develops a healthy 380 horsepower.

The Yaris WRC has been designed, built and developed by a team of experienced engineers made up of Tom Fowler, Simon Carrier, and Mikko Ruoho.

INFo Update 17 december 2016 TOYOTA  IS GOING BACK To WRC With Yaris

Toyota says that its participation in WRC, considered to be the pinnacle of rallying, will provide Toyota with new challenges and opportunities to further develop its people, explore new technologies, and experience various road conditions around the world, thereby contributing to making “ever-better cars”.