Go Bounce: The Home-grown RIDE Sharing App MOBILE for Motorcycles Launched

In a simple ceremony held in Metrotent along Meralco Street Pasig, founder Kevin Moylan Gobounce Asia officially launched a mobile ordering application motorcycles aptly called "GoBounce". This application is currently available for download from the Google Play Store for Android phones and soon on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Gobounce Asia is a local start-up that builds booking platform for multiple services on a motorbike. Through software developed locally, one can order to go up, packets sent or documents, taking food from restaurants and even groceries. A group of programmers led by Carlo Mariano Philippines began working on the platform in March and come up with a working model to May. After several months of testing, the application is now ready for use by the public.

The availability of this application based services could not be more timely because of the traffic congestion continues in Metro estimated cost the country some P2B daily losses. Using a motorcycle, service under GoBounce application will reach customers without much delay.

Go Bounce: The Home-grown RIDE Sharing App MOBILE for Motorcycles Launched

Gobounce Asia guarantees that its riders secure, fast, and reliable. Each rider was filtered through a partner-Skills Assessment tests administered by the Safe T Ryders Training Center. In addition, each unit of the motorcycle inspected for roadworthiness. They also underwent a seminar on defensive riding, customer service and rider etiquette in the office Gobounce. Racer-issued helmet partners uniforms, shirts, waterproof jackets and ID cards.

For the purpose of safety and sanitation, given passenger air liners for helmets, dust masks and raincoats, in case of rain. Furthermore, passengers who book through P 200,000 applications covered by insurance by the Insurance Mafre.

Racer-partners are not employees Gobounce Asia. They are the service providers at their own pace and time. Therefore, their income depends on the number of hours they put in.

They are also required to have an NBI clearance, TPL or Third Party Liability, and more importantly a professional driver's license.

Go Bounce: The Home-grown RIDE Sharing App MOBILE for Motorcycles Launched

The service was launched last Monday that GoRide and GoMessenger. GoBounce menu will soon be expanded to include GoMassage, GoLux, GoGrocery, GoFood, GoPet, and lots more.

At the launch of the Deputy Mayor Calatagan, Andrea Del Rosario, who saw the need for this application in the area. Many residents often migrate to Manila to look for a job. With GoBounce, constituents can work in Calatagan and the surrounding areas. Already the owner of the motorcycle, all they need is a defensive driving training.