What used cars should our political leaders drive?

I had not planned to write about what the Prime Minister bought for the missus, but which have been transported to the radio waves to explain it all, obviously this is a matter of national debate.

Now, if I buy Mrs R a £ 1500 Micra, I'd be in the divorce court before you could say 'Nissan'. No offense to runaround is harmless, but it does not fit with our aspirational lifestyle.

For the Camerons, though, it was bang-on the political right: affordable British-built hatchback that will not be damaged. So for the first lady was perfect, the 'us all in this together' fashion. Sam Cam would have liked blue hatch to appear to the shops and doing local jams.

There has been criticism that the PM did not bargain and pay over the odds, but it was a car dealer in the money and the agent if it is junk he could take it back, along with the Attorney General, if necessary.

What used cars should our political leaders drive?

After fascinated for decades by what politicians pushing, has been good to see the full complement of Jaguar and Land Rover products are used, but there are certainly occasions when the PM must appear in something more radical - like radicals.

I know they are mostly track the stars today, but I saw a SR1 other day for £ 19,999. Machine only has the use of 50-odd hours' and comes with all the bits and bobs you need to enter the Cup series SR1. How cool it would look cabinet members doing some hot laps at Brands? That there is no money at all for a race-ready vehicle.

If we want to be really reasonable and practical, how the political representatives of the people of England turned in a TVR? The new one will come soon, but why wait? Prices have been stiff, but they are not as stiff as the projected £ 80k- £ 99k from new.

A £ 12k Chimaera would be nice, but I get the feeling that it would be difficult to enter Tuscan better for security reasons. People who have much rebuilt by their loyal - and some might say a little crazy - Own £ 20k-plus. But not only stands TVR Trevor but also difficulties. Which can cause an international incident.

No, the best cars that actually the British who consistently raises a smile and represent our industry, ethical design and loveable eccentricity is Morgan. A 3 Wheeler may sound absurd, but they start from £ 24,995 for example in 2012, so it starts to make sense.

If the PM wants to be taken more seriously, though, the Aero 8 is the answer. An example in 2002 will be around £ 50,000. It was a little more than an old Micra, but it still will save the nation a fortune.