Modified Subaru WRX STI smashes Isle of Man TT car lap record

A highly modified Subaru WRX STI driven by rally ace Mark Higgins has four-wheel smashed the lap record around the Isle of Man TT course this afternoon.

Today marked the first of four attempts Higgins was scheduled to record the make on the course, and conditions were perfect.

Higgins, who has won the British Rally Championship three times and carries out the stunt driving on James Bond movies, completed the 37.73-mile course in 17min 49.75sec, equating to an average speed of 126.971mph.

Modified Subaru WRX STI smashes Isle of Man TT car lap record

That eclipses the standards he set in 2014, which was 19min 15.88sec (117.51mph). On that occasion, he used a Subaru WRX STI that was much closer to production specification.

The tires used were medium-compound Dunlop Sport Maxx slicks from a British Touring Car Championship racer; the 2014 standard was set on road-legal rubber.

After his record-breaking run, Higgins of toll Manx Radio: "I think 125mph was the dream before the start. I've only had one practice run so I'm over the moon to do that on only my second lap and there's a little bit more to come - definitely from me Because I'm learning all the time I go around the track - and there is a little bit more to come from the car as well.

"The conditions were great - the only problem I had was in the last five or six Miles when I could not see for flies on the windscreen. That made things a bit difficult, in the last sector, but I can not really complain Because The bike riders on their visors have them all the time. "

Higgins and Subaru are scheduled for further laps of the course on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Earlier in the day Michael Dunlop broke the outright lap record on his Hawk Racing BMW as he raced to victory in the Superbike TT. Dunlop averaged 133.393mph and Became the first rider to dip under 17mins on two successive laps of the race, setting a new standard of 16min 58.254sec.